Saving Graces

new mercies each and every day



I slept, went to my room to read the bible and all that but fell asleep; slept the whole afternoon. Only to stuff myself afterwards with chicken and potatoes. So much for my diet and still adding stuff to my confession list. Any-hoo that was not my faux-pas though.

I went to rosary and mass today, as always I sit up front right. The mass was after rosary, so then after a while people trickled in, and here I had thought hmm Friday mass would be very empty. I see these kids and wonder why they aren’t in school, and then this Frau two seats away asks the man next to her ‘who is she, i don’t know her. I (should) know everyone.’ and I am thinking OK poor lady, and then she is crying and I am saying Lord please comfort her and then suddenly it clicks, the light in my head goes plotzlich an!! It is a memorial or funeral/ requiem mass!! OH GOD and I am seated upfront at the seat with the immediate family. A disappearing act right then would have been marvelous and as I am contemplating moving it is too late as mass has begun, then I think no biggie, but for more than 3 quarters of mass I was so uncomfortable thinking of the white family members sitting behind me asking themselves who is that black girl up front. I even debated whether to go for communion or not, that bad. At the peace the priest took my hand so that kind of calmed me some; wie peinlich. Anyway I have never practically run out of mass like I did today… and I did catch a few wondering stares on my way out. Oh well they have a new family mystery, the black girl up front. Yep, faux-pas.



funeral photo


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