Saving Graces

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My Friends…


Sie haben mich gern, wirklich!!! What can I say it’s great to find I do have friends here only problem being I am to leave this place soon. On Friday Stella sent me a message to go out and I did, it was fun we saw a movie, and today Violetta and I went spazieren and then to a café. Totally fun to have girlfriends to hang with again. And yesterday had a long talk with Dass about what she is planning to do and on our spirituality and all that stuff. A real long conversation. I live in fear of the phone bill. Here i am supposed to be sparsam but it just does not seem to be working that way at the moment. Just hope I get this job then the only monetary worries I will have will be getting the medicals done. Trbc just messaged me she wants to come to Germany skiing. OK so will call her soon and find out what that is all about. And Nessa called me too today, ’tis been a great weekend. It’s fab to have friends.



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