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Hadassah : One Night With the King – Book


Author: Tommy Tenney ISBN-10: 0764229435 Genre: Christian Fiction

The memorable story of Esther in the Bible is now retold through the eyes of Esther. As Hadassah Kesselman prepares for her wedding day, she finds the experience steeped in mystery. Hadassah Kesselman is required to read the story of Esther before her wedding day and soon learns of Esther’s horrifying childhood experiences and mysterious awakenings into womanhood. The scent of myrrh lingers on the pages as an exciting drama unfolds in moments of sexual tension, suspense and intrigue.

Esther’s story is truly brought to life in this retelling filled with political conspiracies, wars, longings of the heart and brutal action. In her search for G-d, she also finds her place in the world and begins to understand her true destiny. Must she sacrifice herself to the King of Persia and fall prey to Haman’s evil intentions?

Loved it totally blown away!!! Definitely a must read. Thanks for the heads up Dass!

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