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Volunteering and Zulu


So I feel this call to volunteering. I have always volunteered but moving here and what not has put that on the back-burner for a while. But I want to do it again. And to work with the underprivileged but that means I’d need to speak a vernacular language so am beginning to learn Zulu. And hoping it will be easier than German was. I am roping my co-workers into teaching me; hopefully that’ll work!!! Hey that will bring languages I speak to four… hyper-polyglot here i come! So my current languages-to-learn list stands thus
Bible Greek
Bible Hebrew
Chinese Mandarin

ps. Lord I need my permit.

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2 Responses to Volunteering and Zulu

  1. I wish I could learn Zulu. Is it true Swahili is just used by the civilians and was originated so that they could talk without any of the colonialists understood them? I am a littel ignorant on this aspect, sorry if my question bothers you.

    By the way, I think volunteering is a good thing, if only more people did it.

    Have a nice week!

  2. Hi Neverknowsbest, no it’s not true that Swahili is just used by the civilians, and what do u mean bu civilians? Do you mean Natives? Swahili is the official language in quite number of East African countries mainly along the coast therefore it is used in an official capacity as in in office etc. Colonialists who lived there could generally speak Swahili too especially their children as it was and still is taught in schools. Modern Swahili has a number of Arabic words, English and Portuguese, as the coastline was where most traders met and hence the language gained new vocabulary, which I hear makes it also very easy to learn. I only know a bit of Swahili and mainly from songs and my favourite being the Swahili version of How great thou art. Visit wiki for more info

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