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new mercies each and every day

Need the grace of charity…


So I have had an odd week. What can I say did not do as much as I had hoped to do
1. Ich habe keine plaetzchen gemacht!!!… I did not get the time to make my plaetzchen this weekend how sad is that?
2. Still no permit
3. Bone tired from go-karting (well over the weekend)

So at work, we went go-karting on Friday and we were divided into teams and during my practice
round I was all gung-ho and thinking now I know why I have always wanted to be a Formula 1 driver; and thinking I was the bees knees in my team I asked to go last so I could cement a win…only to be proven woefully wrong… getting overtaken by the red team coz I kept crashing into everything and everyone… ’twas fun bumping my CEO though! Michael Schumacher and all the Formula 1 drivers deserve all their money coz we all got so tired, sweaty and a headache… from the speed? who would have known that one has to expend quite a bit of energy to get the kart to turn round a hairpin turn, my left arm and wrist can testify. Much fun was had by all I had a blast though my pride had a great big knock… see only good came out of it! Just shows me ha? Pride comes before a crash

Then Saturday choir practice was grand (to which I was late again ) and we sang this Hillsong song Eagles wings “come live in me all my life, take over, come breath in me and I will rise on eagles wings” which on Sunday we sang as a prayer and a better mind worm is yet to be found especially for me a perpetual hum-mer 😀

We (that is the family in Johannesburg) also had a prayer meeting for my brother. He was involved in a car accident a while back… and so his leg got buggered and so he’s come to Johannesburg to see a specialist, after having gotten an unnecessary operation that did not work. He had an appointment this morning. hope it went well, will have to find out in a bit. So we prayed for his healing, for the examination to go well, for the grace to accept God’s will. All great and all except that my heart when I got there was at first in the wrong place. Not feeling very charitable to my sister-in-law which is nasty of me. And I had been listening to C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape letters which just basically were a highlight to me of how I let the powers of darkness reign supreme sometimes. Like honestly by now you would expect that I had gotten this charity thing down pat or at least to a point where I view all the people I am associated with as glorious creations of the Lord. I have generally become a flippant ol’ thing… and I hate it! So I pray Lord You change my heart coz only You can at this point.

‘Twas great to see one of the mom’s though…we sang and prayed for Zimbabwe too and generally my heart got better as I prayed coz I asked the Holy Spirit to enter my heart and help me focus on my brother my and my family and their needs and not mine and I think it worked.

Got my hair cut and relaxed and all then as soon as getting out of the saloon we got rained on! So much for having a spiffy do for the training today :D… all is vanity

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