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Life… and it’s troughs


I could honestly cry if I think about all the things going wrong right now. I find out there is something major wrong with getting my permit and I may have to go to Zim to get it fixed. I am broke so I can’t afford to travel home. All that amidst my first exams in a very long time and it shows coz today’s exam was the pits. If I pass it will truly be by God’s grace. But even He says you reap what you sow. Let’s just say I had not sowed enough. And did I mention I am beyond broke; let’s try in debt and after working for four months with nothing to show for it. Goes back to my permit issue.

What to do what to do. What am I missing Lord, what is it You want me to see coz I have no idea what it is? And I have been coming across too many nun videos for my liking…

Went to benediction. Mass and rosary today. Yaay something went right. It was rather good but I am really lazy now coz after kneeling for rosary I felt as if my knees have been eternally welded in place…

And it’s not just my blog but my bible reading which has been neglected and days not hemmed in prayer do unravel. Ask me I’d know.

Everyone says life is a series of hills and troughs, mountain tops and valleys, well the troughs are the pits. They are there to aid me in being diligent to seek after what I want, what I know is right and what the Lord wants me to do even if it is proving a mite difficult. But how do I do that when I’m not even so sure what it is I am supposed to fight towards…

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