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On Modesty


So I seem to be getting these cosmic hints for lack of a better word, to look more into what being modest means and for me to dress and act more modestly. Mmmm-hmmm this to a person who so does love the stage of life. Dressinmodestlyty won’t be too difficult what with me having gained weight I cover it all up already!

On another front, I do feel “called” to wear a head covering at church now. Guess who is going bandana/ mantilla hunting soon… I hope I actually find something I like, Lord only knows where, before next Sunday 😀

The question now would be on my trousers. What can I say they are practical. The one thing I have avoided though is wearing them to church so again not a problem there. When married I’d probably not wear them much if at all. I have no problem with not wearing trousers, the thing is they are so convenient at times they seem like the only option. But hey that’s more for me to discern so I know were my line should be, draw it, then not step over it 😀

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