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Simple Woman – 27 April 2009


A new entry in my simple woman day book…. 😀 visit and get the template from Peggy at Simple woman Interested?… check it out…

FOR TODAY 27 April 2009…

Outside my window… darkness… today is a public holiday so doing this at home in the evening 😀

I am thinking… that I have changed so much in the past year, that the tax man is no fun and feeling sorry for my cousin who has been detained in Beitbridge

I am thankful for… family! went to visit Mo and Munya today, ’twas grand and it showed me that I need to do more about seeing family members more often

From the kitchen… stuff that gives me less flatulence… it is beginning to border on being a nuisance

I am wearing… gypsy skirt poncho and pumps… looking very flower power-y

I am creating… more time for God… I hope

I am going… physically nowhere much, spiritually I am traversing mountains! still!

I am reading… The soldier’s lady by M Phillips. I think

I am hoping… that I find a car! I need wheels!

I am hearing… noise-makers outside the apartment… sad sad sad

Around the house… packing?.?.?…. ma moving on Friday, YIPEE, YOOHOO! yet to begin though… sigh

One of my favourite things… blogging and the internet, still 🙂

A few plans for the rest of the week… do my assignments, set up for the RN consultants, pack up, move, buy curtains, buy duvet covers and new chairs… in essence a need for 30 hour days all around

Here is picture thought I am sharing… still on Easter so the photo stays, what can i say… this Easter season has been profound!

HE IS RISEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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