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Simple Woman – 8 June 2009


A new entry in my simple woman day book…. 😀 visit and get the template from Peggy at Simple woman Interested?… check it out…

FOR TODAY 8 June 2009…

Outside my window… still no windows just glass walls into the concourse where there is a big FOSATU display, interesting history on unions in South Africa that.

I am thinking… car car car car car car car car car car car car car car car… I think you get the gist

I am thankful for… God, love, the blessing I have in the here and now,

From the kitchen… would love to do a bit of cheesecake, my sweet cravings are waning again, thank the Lord, now for some serious health eating 😀

I am wearing… my new super soft grey jersey and my new super smooth black strumpfhose with a black full skirt and my pretty black work shoes, my new Marian cross medallion … I know dressed up today 😀

I am creating… melodies in my heart …

I am going… to SFC or a new cell soon I hope if we find one, stared the search yesterday

I am reading… The Shack by William P. Young, and loving it, especially given that yesterday was Trinity Sunday so a lot of it is very relevant in the now. and it is provocative and eyeopening and challenging; in other words, just loving it!!! 😀

I am hoping… still…. that the bank finances me already or tells me, no, coz this waiting is torture. I need wheels! still!!!!!!!!!!

I am hearing… nothing at the moment, except a phantom of the operas, mind worm… mmm let me look for the song.

Around the house… nothing much, baked for Onyi on Saturday, planning on getting our washing machine today yippee and Nya is beginning to think of the advantages of having a dishwasher… will have her converted yet ha ha!

One of my favourite things… new clothes… hate shopping but love new clothes that fit and look good;… like my new jersey 😀

A few plans for the rest of the week… get a motor vehicle!

Here is picture thought I am sharing… Still on the car! I know it’s getting old but I need one!

if I cant a have a mini then a Yaris will have to do.

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