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Rome Sweet Home: Book review


I have finished reading Rome sweet home by the Hahns!!!! wow, actually I finished it on Tuesday but have only got to writing about it now. Now I have to read it again!

It was like having the remaining scales fall of mine eyes and seeing the glory of the Lord. Thing is I’ve always had problems with some Catholic ‘stuff’ for lack of a better word, but after I made the decision to be Catholic I endeavoured to study and understand them you know. And the Hahns put most of it real simple like… just like Catholicism for Dummies does, of which I’m on chapter 2!!! What can I say the Lord has blessed me with a mind and a love of reading so I am partaking, boy am I partaking!

One thing it did was introduce me to a lot of protestant language I’ve never really known, of late I’ve been seeing “crossing the Tiber” often as I have been reading a bit, no a lot of conversion stories.Why, I don’t know they just appeal to me. The book has highlighted the path that I’ve been on for a while now; to live my faith to the full, to partake of the sacraments and to know why we have some of the practices we have so as to actually practice them in the right spirit. I want everyone to read it, even if it does not make them convert it would sure clear up a lot of misunderstandings out there. It’s beautifully written and it brought to mind why someone would think we are part of an anti-Christ movement until one delves into the Word and gets the reasons for all we do outline in intricate and not so intricate detail.

Suffice it to say when I like a book I read it super fast.. case in point here. So I have to read it again now and learn from it, in other words, a book all should read!

On another note, I watched The Proposal on Sunday! Good movie! I haven’t watched one I enjoyed so much in a long time. Could have done without the stripper scene though or naked shower scene. The movie was good enough to be a hit without them but I guess, as they say, sex (unfortunately) sells. It was really funny and highlighted that love can grow anywhere, anytime. Had a good true to life ending 😀 what more can a girl want!

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