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Singles For Christ Camp!


So I’m back from this weekends camp and it was an awesome God filled and blessed weekend. SFC = Singles for Christ… and no that’s not a dating club or anything, it’s a Catholic family ministry that has, Couples for Christ, Singles for Christ, Youth for Christ and Kids for Christ specific programmes. Nyashmi has always been involved.

I have been looking for fellowship and boy have I found it of late. If I take it all up I’ll have Young Adults on Monday, Theology of the body on Tuesdays, RCIA type Formation on Wednesdays (found out about this one on Sunday so want to start this week), SFC on Thursday, also starting this week, then of course Young family Sunday afternoons and teaching Catechism and Youth mass, plus Saturday mass here and there coz that’s my cantor slot now.

Hey, ma I think I’m living as close to a religious life as I can out of a convent! And loving every bit of it. Now to sort out logistics; if only I had a car.

Back to the camp…
So I only arrived Saturday morning because I was singing for St Ignatius feast day on Friday and could not miss that. Cameron would have minced me, literally. So I wake up Saturday morning just before 6 and its raining, in winter in Johannesburg!!! It’s not supposed to rain. So I prepare to leave, had slept over at the church due to mass being late and all so I am the only one awake I leave the keys were I’m supposed to and I slip out and realize I don’t have gate keys but maybe there is a guard…. umm NO!! so I am stuck outside in dismal drizzle with no keys to get back inside and no gate keys to leave … so I go ring the bell at the priest house. For a good 15 min before someone comes to help me get out. I am losing heat by the minute.

I finally manage to get into town, hunt for taxis to Krugersdorp. Which takes me another half an hour and then I get there but get to the wrong gate and Nyashmi comes to get me and I’m practically wet through.. and the temperatures are steadily dropping and the drizzle is turning into rain…. so I get there, I get assigned to a group and the rest was fantab, besides the soft ice rain that is. It was literally little balls of ice that are not hail. And of course I get my period. On the coldest day in winter which just means dysmenorrhea. Thank the Lord for blankies and hot water bottles 😀

The messages were profound esp one by this guy Kirk. I have to get his notes. Will ask for them Tuesday at TOB; how to love the way God wants us to love, the Christian way. There was this cute couple who are recently married who gave a talk on married life and of course the wife is a girl guide 😀 and I met the coolest girls this side of the world! yes i still think of myself and peers as girls.

The music was good too, quite a bit of it local compositions. It’s the good Lord affirming all my decisions and I gotta say you gotta love it! Now for me to do my part and actually put into practice what I learnt. And my confession was grand too. Not just cleansing, downright fun! The penance is going to be challenging though, when did priests move from just telling us to say little prayers for penance to telling us real life day to day penance type acts. Like, go apologise to so and so etc lets hope this time it takes longer to get back into silly habits. With God’s grace of course!

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