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The new me?


I don’t know how much of this is really new, I mean this is stuff that has always been in me but is being shown more expressly. I have always wanted to write but this is becoming more of an insistent longing in my heart, I’ve always wanted to follow the churches precepts but it has become more clear and somewhat easier of late…case in point on modesty… I no longer wear clothes willy-nilly, I first ask myself is it appropriate, modest, will it lead another to sin etc. and although I have slacked a bit, I want to veil in church at least and this quote from “The Mystery of Femininity” (from Women and the Priesthood, p. 65) by Alice von Hildebrand:

“. . .

It is not by accident that women traditionally wore a veil, and that, up to Vatican II, they wore veils in Catholic churches. This custom was deeply symbolic, and alas this symbolism is now lost. Under the influence of feminism, many Catholics were led to believe that veiling indicated some sort of inferiority, and for this reason it was abolished. This interpretation rests on a misunderstanding. Far from indicating inferiority, the veil points to sacredness. While we do cover what is ugly or decaying, we also veil what is sacred, mysterious and sublime. When Moses came down from Mount Sinai, he covered his face to hide the glow that was apparent because God had deigned to speak with him: Moses’ body reflected the depth and mystery of his experience. Every woman caries within herself a secret most sacred, mysterious and sublime. This secret is life. . . .In the mystery of the female body, human life finds its beginning . . .There God creates a new soul which is exclusively his work, and in which neither father nor mother has a part. . . .at that very moment a closeness exists between divine action and the female body which marks the latter as sacred ground


This just reiterates what I have been learning from Theology of the body and NFP, that I am sacred, holy and my femininity sets me apart and is holy and sacred, all for God’s glory!

feminine  photo
I love discovering writing that seems to get to the core of my own longings and desires. It is as if I am meeting a long lost favourite family member with whom I shared childhood secrets and they are reminding me of them. It tells me I am not alone in life’s journey and each day is a day to discover more kin in spirit! how awesome is that!

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