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I’m back! Home was a blast


Home was grand I had so much fun! I saw gran, ma, Del-del, Evee, and everyone.

The trip took forever because the bus DIED, the Greyhound just started boiling and here we are in the middle of nowhere about 65km from Masvingo that means at least 4 hours till we get home and the BUS BREAKS DOWN. Aaarrrgghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! I only got home at about 23:30hrs after hitch-hiking in a truck because I had gotten tired of waiting! The bus’s schedule was that it was to arrive in Harare after 12. That never happens but 3pm is a happy compromise, right? HA did not happen!

Anyway got home saw mom, went to bed woke up early to unpack all my gifts. Such fun the sweets disappeared just like that! got into my new summer dress went and got my hair plaited; not the fiasco I had with the lady and guy who gave me chemical burn with the relaxer at Northgate grr. If it wasn’t for my neighbour who lifted me out of the doldrums just by helping me with my groceries home and by just being her, I would have finished committing mass homicide in my head on all the hairdressers in that salon. I digress. Anyway my neighbour is gone, she moved before I could bake for her 🙁 boo hoo she seemed so nice. The joys of apartment living. I digress again. As I was getting my hair plaited we got to talking about marriage; funny how that topic seems to keep coming up and then the girl who was doing my nails wants to hook me up with her cousin of sorts so he comes in and wants to check me out… ooo if I was white I would have turned beet it was so embarrassing anyway he gives me his number, he is Catholic, though a bit on the older side. And they make me leave mine behind. Wonder if he will call because I don’t call guys… mmm.

I visited my former workplace and saw former colleagues which kinda cool. I gave my aunts the gifts I had gotten them. The next day my grandma and more aunts arrived it was grand. I seem top have matured a bit more in their esteem yay! and Gogo (gran) was ecstatic over her blanket and shoes and the doek (head scarf thing) which I got her!!! Saturday I spent mostly at home and went and dance steps i.e the dance routines for the bridal party coz the grooms-men were absent for practice, went home and lazed with ma.

On Sunday got up went to church in my new African outfit, head covered of course. It was a blast meeting everyone, sang in the choir, ah how I miss Sonah sometimes… saw Taf in his ‘deacon’ clothes which my mom and half the neighbourhood think is satanic. Can’t blame them he ain’t a deacon and he wears black flowing robes. Then he comes over to my house chats a bit and asks where I have been all his life..mmm. And I go home prepare lunch and stuff for the mothers that’s gogo and my mum and her sisters. I drove over to my cousin’s place do the bride’s maids and brides make-up change into my other new African attire drive like a maniac back home because my mom is freaking out for she baked the cake and it has to go to the venue and I have her car.

We get to the wedding and finishing putting on my contacts and shoes and make-up in the bathroom, go greet everyone and take photos for mom and dance steps which I learnt the day before because they were a grooms-man short! I help collect gifts and write them down, snap the band on my shoe go home with my feet killing me and give the shoes to Del-del. All in all a good weekend!

I did learn something though, the family you marry into matters!!!! ‘nuf said!

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  1. deacon clothes lol

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