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Music is Food for my Soul


I’m singing in the St. Johns youth band besides Holy Trinity Schola and I got my harp! YAY for me!!! All the music is so different, from practically contemporary Christian rock to Gregorian chant to classical. Good times. I really should have become a musician. then I wouldn’t be weird just an eccentric artist. Actually the eccentric would not even get mentioned, I’d just be an artiste!

I have heard enough coconut and Anglophile comments to last me a lifetime. The harp lessons may just prove a tad expensive. So we have a concert, battle of the bands thing happening this coming Saturday. Practice last Saturday only reiterated what I already know, I’m a perfectionist and a performer… sigh. Well I’m laying low and will see what happens on Saturday, reigning me in so I don’t step on toes is a full time job!

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