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Simple Woman – 05 October 2009


New entry in my simple woman day book 😀 visit and get the template from Peggy at Simple woman Interested?… check it out…

FOR TODAY 05 Oct 2009…

Rather overcast we have been having summer rain… now if it would also rain in zim that would be fab!

I am thinking… still of how I need to improve my relationship with God and have begun a daily rosary for a hubby… I know… it must be that time again I seem to go through this cycle… it matter then it doesn’t matter.. if only my heart and mind would be consistent!

I am thankful for… family! nya is back from being a bridesmaid on Saturday and still thinking of the family I saw last week!

From the kitchen… tuna… I think I have had a tuna something or the other for 4 out of 7 days now… too lazy to cook much

I am wearing… brown! brown pants, brown stripped top, beige jersey, hiking socks, brown scrunchie

I am creating… music hopefully… need to get a tuner for the harp and a teacher 😀

I am going… nowhere slowly and that’s all right!

I am reading… was reading After All These Years by Sally John and finished it this morning! Now for another!

I am hoping… that our contract phones are approved, that our credit rating goes up so we can get a loan for a car, and that plans to go home go smoothly … no change there… still

I am hearing… Hillsong… in preparation for the battle of the band on Saturday I am immersing myself in the songs we are singing, practically 24/7

Around the house… we need couches

One of my favourite things…fudge bought some on Saturday then more at church and I have some in my lunch box… oh no…

A few plans for the rest of the week… girl guides starts on Friday! so we have to sort out the hut which will be the brownie hut and clean it out and put in furniture and buy stuff for craft and programme and prepare a programme and go for harp lesson on Wednesday aarrrggghhhh I haven’t begun the programme stuff!!! Who would have thunk! me as Brown owl ha!

Here is picture thought I am sharing… I’m so excited about my harp! its a second hand lever harp but I love it… now to see if there is any retention from lessons I took way back when in 2005!


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