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Advent is here


So besides learning carols and Advent hymns like Veni Emmanuel and Adeste Fidelis, I finally completed the advent wreath yesterday! JPII said “Advent is a period of intense training that directs us decisively to the One who has already come, who will come, and who continuously comes. ” And I say Amen and it’s been so good thus far. We light our candles and read a bit and do reflections and pray together. What can I say?… I love it!!!!!! 😀

We went to Jo’burg Gen for the kiddies party! Wow, indeed Veni Veni Emmanuel! Am chanting today with the schola in a concert hope it goes well. Been practising Iustus Ut Palma because he threw a hissy during practice on Sunday 😀

Pics below of my advent wreath and some of the kid’s party 😀 The middle candle is for our numerous intentions 😀

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