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7 quick takes Friday



  1. I have succumbed.  Jen host 7 quick takes at Conversion diary and I have read them religiously for so long… figured it was time to start… so here is my first 7 quick takes.
  2. I have the first of 6 exams on Tuesday. I am a procrastinator. Not a good combination
  3. My harp is finally finished and so i have to make a trip to Pretoria to go get it… nearly two hours on the road ugghhh                image
  4. Did i mention that I’m behind with my studies… it’s for my honours degree… why did i ever think i wanted to do post grad? and distance education sucks… i like my lectures!
  5. There is a music workshop in our deanery… i wonder if i should go… i hope it will be proper liturgical music and none of this Hillsong nonsense for mass. retreats and camp? cool, for mass NO!!!
  6. Hoping the first Brownies meeting this term goes well today, little girls running all over the place… a joy when one has studied 😀 image image
  7. My first 7 quick take is over! Went quick too 😀

For more 7 Quick Takes, be sure and stop by Jennifer’s Conversion Diary.

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  1. yup that was quick 🙂 Hey it's my first try at it too .

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