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About the harp


So did I tell you I broke my harp… well, it was wobbly on its little plastic platform since the one leg was broken… but I had had no issues with it being there… until mid-December. The wind, gale force in nature, through an open window, blew it over! The horror! The shock!

I actually managed to ignore it until this week because lessons were supposed to resume and my teacher, bless her soul, has found someone to fix it and given me one to continue practice with. Did I mention it is a rented harp? I’m lucky it’s a clean break on the join between the neck and the shoulder. The glue and wooden fixes came off and the neck itself is not broken 😀 the darker on is the one I have now from my teacher and the paler one the one going to Pretoria today to be fixed. And Steph has begun messing around on it…

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