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Thin places


Thin places

…those places or events in life where the dividing line between the holy and the ordinary is very thin… to the point that the ordinary becomes holy and the holy becomes ordinary…

imageI got his definition from Roy Donkin’s blog.  I have been feeling like everywhere around me is a thin place of late, as if the Lord wants me to hear something He is saying and I just need to really listen and it will be so loud and clear there is no way I can mistake what He is saying to me.  I’ve read of thin places. It’s an Irish thing I believe and I don’t want to lose the “thin place “ feel before I hear what God has to say. Why am I so aware, what am I supposed to discern Lord?

We have been studying Job at home. YOH! Job was extreme in his faith, he feared the Lord. and the talk makes us so more open and it’s good I love the fellowship. Within the family it’s just so rich 😀 mmm maybe that’s why the places are so ‘thin’…

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  1. hey is chie staying with you guys?? who's the fam you r studying job with??

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