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7 Quick Takes Friday…


Ok, so the last time I did 7 quick takes is a while back… as in way back nearly a year… but this Friday I just had to….it’s been a deluge… as in it doesn’t rain it pours… no, it doesn’t pour it’s a downright deluge, kind of deluge….

1. Our oven exploded image 2. Had bad days at work the whole week, and haven’t gone to confession and because I’m not in a state of grace haven’t communion in 12 days…. not good – I’m old school like that

3. My car went in for repairs – they said it would take 10 days… 10 days!!!! So I won’t be able to teach Shona this weekend

4. I had a mini accident … which I cant afford – whilst driving Nya’s car… wanted to cry – of course, the car I was driving is fine… the other car will need work…

5. I received another speeding ticket in the mail… tripled because I’m a foreigner…. I now owe over R3000 in ticket fines over the space of two weeks… for a person who never got speeding fines, I must be wanting to break a record or something.. and these tickets are from the end of last year and of course, I’m only getting them now

6. My project manager says I’m playing games and left work in a huff

7. We now owe so much money…  I think I’m gonna play the lotto… and the siblings all want to do things that will drain us… I can’t even pay into our stokvel.

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