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7 Quick Take Friday


image_thumb This week 7 Quick takes is being hosted by Betty Beguiles… and my deluge has somewhat continued….

1. Our exploded oven is still not fixed… arrrgh

2. Still haven’t been to confession… but spiritually things are on the up and up

3. My car went in for repairs – they had said I would not get it till next week… I threw a hissy… I am getting it in a couple of hours

4. Still won’t manage to teach Shona this week… maybe move my classes to Sunday

5. On a happier note, at young adults this week we were talking about God’s will and then we moved to training our consciences… and Mari posted about it here…

6. I just want to sleep, I’ so sleepy I am practically sleep walking but…

7. I am going to Kontiki this weekend with the Guides and Rangers and Scouts… and I’m already tired… and I know sleep will be scarce. The theme this year is Rome… and this is my first Kontiki… For more 7 Quick Takes, be sure and stop by Betty Beguiles.

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