Saving Graces

new mercies each and every day

Finalemente!!! WYD Madrid here we come!


The time is 13:05. Felicity is waiting for us to jump onto her car so she can take us to the church for the last mass and for us to get on the bus to the airport. Thing is we still don’t have our passports with the visas in them. But we have faith. Even with that faith though, one cant stop y the niggle of apprehension in the pit of your stomach. What if we did not get the visas, or maybe they have not managed to collect the passports, and as we pull into the churchyard and Michele hands me mine a breath of relief escapes when I see SCHENGEN STATEN with my mug shot to the left. And before long we are off! Rushing to try and get last minute currency, checking in and boarding and over land and seas to have a long stopover in Paris (lots of sleeping) changing the airport to Orly for another flight to Malaga and voila! We are here. See easy peasy. LOL

WYD Madrid
























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