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The last pilgrim day… WYD Madrid


…. is finally upon us! Vigil night. Most are so not looking forward to the day of trekking ahead of us. At the very least 4 hours of walking in the Madrid heat… the life of a pilgrim sigh 🙂 We had the most fantstic catechesis and mass yestreday with Archbishop ODonnel from New York. And we spent a whole day exploring our spiriruality having adoration, confession and meeting the most interesting English Speaking pilgrims at the Palazio de Deportes. There were talks on the media, social networking and our faith, how we can influence them and how we can take part in shaping culture. Some of us also attended a talk on the Biology of the Theology of the body! All in all a totally awesome day.

Now we begin the journey to the field were we will spend the night not sleeping and mingling and finish off with a Papal mass. Superb!!!

WYD Madrid

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