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New elements on my blog.


I have finally updated the look and feel… after a making a thousand and one errors. There is still a bit of tweaking to do, but this is enough for now 🙂 ciao

7 Quick Takes Friday


image_thumb Decided to 7 quick takes on what I am hoping to be doing for Lent

1. I hope to do the Divine Office

2. I hope to attend daily mass

3. I hope to fast on Fridays and Wednesdays

4. I hope to practice this: “Set a guard, Lord, before my mouth, a gatekeeper at my lips”

5. I hope to go for weekly confession

6. I hope to meditate more on the Lords will and seek it

7. And to be more pleasant hopefully it ain’t too difficult….

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7 Quick Take Friday


image_thumb This week 7 Quick takes is being hosted by Betty Beguiles… and my deluge has somewhat continued….

1. Our exploded oven is still not fixed… arrrgh

2. Still haven’t been to confession… but spiritually things are on the up and up

3. My car went in for repairs – they had said I would not get it till next week… I threw a hissy… I am getting it in a couple of hours

4. Still won’t manage to teach Shona this week… maybe move my classes to Sunday

5. On a happier note, at young adults this week we were talking about God’s will and then we moved to training our consciences… and Mari posted about it here…

6. I just want to sleep, I’ so sleepy I am practically sleep walking but…

7. I am going to Kontiki this weekend with the Guides and Rangers and Scouts… and I’m already tired… and I know sleep will be scarce. The theme this year is Rome… and this is my first Kontiki… For more 7 Quick Takes, be sure and stop by Betty Beguiles.

7 Quick Takes Friday…


Ok, so the last time I did 7 quick takes is a while back… as in way back nearly a year… but this Friday I just had to….it’s been a deluge… as in it doesn’t rain it pours… no, it doesn’t pour it’s a downright deluge, kind of deluge….

1. Our oven exploded image 2. Had bad days at work the whole week, and haven’t gone to confession and because I’m not in a state of grace haven’t communion in 12 days…. not good – I’m old school like that

3. My car went in for repairs – they said it would take 10 days… 10 days!!!! So I won’t be able to teach Shona this weekend

4. I had a mini accident … which I cant afford – whilst driving Nya’s car… wanted to cry – of course, the car I was driving is fine… the other car will need work…

5. I received another speeding ticket in the mail… tripled because I’m a foreigner…. I now owe over R3000 in ticket fines over the space of two weeks… for a person who never got speeding fines, I must be wanting to break a record or something.. and these tickets are from the end of last year and of course, I’m only getting them now

6. My project manager says I’m playing games and left work in a huff

7. We now owe so much money…  I think I’m gonna play the lotto… and the siblings all want to do things that will drain us… I can’t even pay into our stokvel.

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Our oven door exploded!!!!!!!


The oven door is no more, the oven door exploded. Yes, it did… as in kaplooi kaboom!!! So much for being fixed!!! ‘nuff said.

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Final exam!


imageYay!!! i am finally finished with my honours exams! and I have no plans to do my masters…at least not in information systems… now to wait for the results… there is one paper I’m not too confident I did well so I’m praying to the Lord that the markers be lenient

oh my gosh – technology at it’s best!!


Pranav Mistry is amazing!!! I mean honestly this be genius! Sixth sense is going to take over the world, the possibilities are mind-boggling!


7 quick takes Friday



  1. I have succumbed.  Jen host 7 quick takes at Conversion diary and I have read them religiously for so long… figured it was time to start… so here is my first 7 quick takes.
  2. I have the first of 6 exams on Tuesday. I am a procrastinator. Not a good combination
  3. My harp is finally finished and so i have to make a trip to Pretoria to go get it… nearly two hours on the road ugghhh                image
  4. Did i mention that I’m behind with my studies… it’s for my honours degree… why did i ever think i wanted to do post grad? and distance education sucks… i like my lectures!
  5. There is a music workshop in our deanery… i wonder if i should go… i hope it will be proper liturgical music and none of this Hillsong nonsense for mass. retreats and camp? cool, for mass NO!!!
  6. Hoping the first Brownies meeting this term goes well today, little girls running all over the place… a joy when one has studied 😀 image image
  7. My first 7 quick take is over! Went quick too 😀

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Windows Live-writer


Windows Live-writer may just be the thing I have wanted, needed to get this writing on a schedule. Am trying it out now. We will soon know…

Yay Google!!!!


I know I have always been a google-ite but google peeps you are grand! I just got a wave invite! Thanks lite! And Google wave is neat!

Check it out! if you get an invite 🙂