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Sr. Sturmia Memorial 2016


This is so unreal, was thinking of Sr. Sturmia yesterday a lot, and today I got an invite to join the group! I am singing in the symphony choir and we are doing St Mathews mass on Good Friday in German and as I was reading the words, I was thinking that one of the reasons I decided to study German in the first place was her, one of the reasons I can catch a tune so well without reading music is because of her and Sr Berna, and I don’t need to learn most of the chorals in the piece because she taught the tunes to us. The only reason I still run Guides, Brownies, Teddies and Rangers is her! And yet she never taught me a single subject. Gonna try to make it, the only issue is I will have been in Poland for World youth day two months prior, will be so broke  But where there is a will there is a way!!!

More WYD Catechesis : by Bishop O’Malley


I’m really enjoying these catechesis sessions. More notes from the session by Bishop O’Malley 🙂

The new evangelization is being a missionary at home, in a world that is dormant in its religion. Do we still have a sense of Eucharistic amazement?
Poor park, the evangelised person is an evangelist/er.
Jesus gives us a command, a new commandment, to the disciples, those of the household of the faith, love one another, the way that I love you, and this is how they will know that you are my disciples. How does he love it’s, Gore loves us first whilst we are still in sin etc, he wants us to love first, don’t wait till Apple are nice first, forgive first, extend first,
He loves us to the end
He gives a the give of the Eucharist, the strength and the means to live out the command, to be able to make a gift of ourselves.
At ascension, the command is the great commissioning, go and make disciples of all nations teaching them what Jesus taught. And premises is the holy spirit the gift to strengthen us to help us be enable to follow that command. So often we take for granted we forget the giver of the gifts who is our loving God who wants to give us so much more. We are to introduce this anonymous benefit who is our God, who creates us, lives us, forgives us and calls us to share on his life. We are to get people to reconnect with him, our evangelizing job.
We need to have compassion to move us to see those who see the Jesus in distress. We need to have the same sense of urgency for the spiritually naked, starving, sick abandoned as those in Haiti.
We need to be quick to help with spiritual needs as material needs.
The knowledge we have is a responsibility to be used for everyone, we have an obligation to share that knowledge with everyone, else we are like a criminal scientist who keeps the cure to cancer to himself.
Many who were evangelists lost their lives as martyrs. 2000 years later that commissioning is being repeated, we have a great obligation to help people find God on their lives, and hence fulfill Jesus wishes for us. We need to overcome sin and selfishness in our lives, our own conversion. Don’t make just a show of religion, actions speak louder than words. If we are willing to put ourselves out there people will be more willing to listen, we need to cultivate virtue so that we can be credible whiteness of the hostel. Don’t apologize for our faith, fir the gospel, just for the sins committed but our brothers. Apologetics it’s about speaking about our faith in reason, speak about our faith in a convincing way, defend it not be defensive, a laity not arrogant not rash in speech, but men and women who know their religion, know their faith so well they can task about it… how faith and reason stand to each other, cardinal Newman…
Catholic voices _ how to send the faith without raising your voice, to be effective evangelists begins with our personal conversion
When we climb the mountain to help our neighbour to save his soul we save our own, or faith is strengthened when we share it.
We need to outreach to our peers.
Jesus did not come and die so that we could have the warm fuzziness, we have a responsibility to God and to one another, by being part of a community that speaks the same language. We have to work hard to build strong communities of faith, strong parishes. We have to discover God’s plan and will in our life. Avoid the trap of the hookup culture, of cohabiting, when long for a spouse pray to the holy spirit to help yo find the right person, and pray to be right person, marry someone because yo share the same faith, the sane idealism, the same sense of mission, and get married to have children, and yo will be a blessing.
Without God we can do nothing, but without us God will do nothing, st Augustine.
7 percent of committed Catholics make it happen, Matthew c, ongoing faith formation key to apologetics.

More WYD Catechesis : Discipleship


More notes form WYD catechesis 🙂

Submitting yourselves totally as, a disciple, body, mind soul.

Imitate the teacher in everything, scripture and its interpretation, imitation of every detail of life.

Questioning from the master to the disciple. And vice versa. Community of so-called is necessary yeshi_va, in today the church, the Lord, that which brings to the Lord. Our presence means we want to surrender totally. A commitment for life, for eternity, to be with the master to live with him.
A few differences, we don’t choose Jesus, he chooses us, we never take our leave of Jesus and make our own disciples, but for him. Who is Jesus?
First he is not a pale faced role model, Christianity is not a moralisation, trying to imitate Christ in a way that we know we never can. Not just a wise teacher. He is crucified and risen! He went to the very bedrock of human darkened and destitution, he is here in presence and power to command or whole lives, and can give us all we can imagine and more, ha makes us all more than just human zombies. Christianity is not just a religion, it’s an experience of encounter of jc crucified and risen. When you see him it blows your mind. We experience amazement which is the gospel, which is Christianity. We are afraid to really become disciples, to entrust all, we are scared to lose too much. In fact we lose nothing and gain everything. Think again and take the risk, say yes to his call and yo will be treated with all to can scarcely imagine. I’ve yo Becq11ker a disciple you are equipped to become a disciple maker.
Read the scripture
Read the catechism
Serve the poor
Charismatic leadership is strong as such not only clerical leadership so why be priests.
Ecological conversion jp2

WYD Catechesis by Cardinal Dolan


So I’m gonna be typing on the main points of catechesis by Cardinal Dolan because it all sounds AMAZING!!!! In random fashion no full sentences here goes…

I am work of art, I am loved, I am God’s work of art, I am unique.
Faith – we believe that there is a God
Hope – that God makes and keeps His promises, who is a person, who is intimately involved in my life
God asked Abraham not to fear him but to trust him
Act of hope (Google it)
We live in an age of new atheism, the chic and intelligent find it very in to be an atheist
Hope in talents satisfaction work family wife etc
There will always be an ultimate we can hope in that is good. Thirst fir God is part of poor DNA, we are hard wired to want him, a restlessness that is never satisfied in this world
We are restless oh God and our hearts are restless until they rest in yo, st Augustine
Nothing else can satisfy it
I an the Lord your God and though shalt not have other gods before me, we tend to make other things our idols.
Thomas Merton,
Threats to hope:
Ourselves_ our sins, imperfections, failures
Other people _ don’t put ultimate trust in them because on occasion they still let us down, I have overcome the world…etc
Time _ God tends to take his time, who thinks on terms of thousands of years, we are microwaves and God is a crockpot. God always triumphs even if only in the next life on eternity in heaven. some problems and tragedies are only answered in eternity.

Hope is the muscle of faith.

Immigration of Christ, Thomas akampis
Don charter, soul…
Thomas Erwin 7 storey…
Introduction to divine life

We want God to be our father and us the only child
Jesus and the church is one
The dictatorship of relativism, Pope Benedict, faith in nothing or everything. We need to concentrate on a recovery of the truth, of Jesus Christ. The truth why’ll set yo free, nothing more enobling, liberating etc. Faith and reason are not enemies they are best friends, lumen et fidei, Pope Francis
St Ignatius, God talks to us through our desires and hopes, discernment is an art of trying to get God’s will, ultimate peace. Give it time, ask what will help to get to heaven first, what is best for your salvation, sometimes it’s the harder one, being called to the cross.

Amazing Love…


..that the Lord has. To have brought me thus far… crazy… dias loucos, doido. It’s been an amazing experience not much happening but I feel so much better today it makes a world of difference, goodbye diarrhea and fever! Not even sure what caused it but it is over and the rest of this trip is underway!

From Puno to Cusco


So we are underway again. Day nine of this interesting journey in Perupuno photo and we are now on our way from Puno to Cusco. My back aches a little, most people think I can barely manage with luggage lol. We have a 6 hour bus trip ahead of us 🙁 I’m done with long travels…and yet we have a lot of that to go. I’m going to be retro-journaling as I was so lazy so far.

Sweet Platters, Cape Malay Koeksisters, Chocolate Squares and Caramel Tartlets


World Youth Day prep is seriously underway when creations and concoctions are happening in my kitchen. I made Cape Malay Koeksisters for the first time and I must say I am super chaffed at how they came out! Father was like no one can make them well yada yada and so I took up the challenge! not at all doughy, light and amaze-balls! We then made these sticky chocolate squares a cross between brownies and death by chocolate cake and then some caramel tartlets, dessert platters sorted! Now to go have some bonding with all the World Youth Day pilgrims, and eat me a ton of  Cape Malay Koeksisters 🙂


Rome Sweet Home… WYD Madrid


Just had to borrow from Scott Han coz we are here!!! Yes in Rome where the Mother church is based yoohoo!!! We have had a tour of the basilica, some went to the Sistine Chapel and Father showed us the most amazing gelataria!!! Yes and Amen to Italian gelato… heaven on earth as Padre Jon says. LOL

WYD Madrid


The vigil – WYD Madrid

no words…
the excitement, the heat… the scorching heat, the painful heat, the hellish heat, the fainting… offering it up
the hard ground, the stones and gravel, the thorns, the sand, no shelter… then the rain, wet boxes, no shelter… and offering it up..
the pope, adoration, exchanging gifts, the coughing, the pain, the loos…. offering it up
WYD Madrid
the pics say it all.











































The last pilgrim day… WYD Madrid


…. is finally upon us! Vigil night. Most are so not looking forward to the day of trekking ahead of us. At the very least 4 hours of walking in the Madrid heat… the life of a pilgrim sigh 🙂 We had the most fantstic catechesis and mass yestreday with Archbishop ODonnel from New York. And we spent a whole day exploring our spiriruality having adoration, confession and meeting the most interesting English Speaking pilgrims at the Palazio de Deportes. There were talks on the media, social networking and our faith, how we can influence them and how we can take part in shaping culture. Some of us also attended a talk on the Biology of the Theology of the body! All in all a totally awesome day.

Now we begin the journey to the field were we will spend the night not sleeping and mingling and finish off with a Papal mass. Superb!!!

WYD Madrid