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Viva Papa Ben!!! WYD Madrid


OK so after a 6-hour wait yesterday we saw the Pope!!

Well kinda… well some of us did… side shot’s back only, just the clothes. I mean in a 2million people press what did you think that we shook his hand!?!?! LOL It was a blast and all is going just great… Found a cheap internet shop and everyone is finally calling home regular like… well when they want to or need something 🙂 And the atmosphere and vibe is out of this world!!!

Till the next update 🙂

Yeah yeah I know you are tired of waiting for photos already… sigh

And no did not even know of any protests till today so we are all fine 🙂

WYD Madrid

Buenas Tardes Madrid!


We have arrived in Madrid! It’s not much cooler and we are in a huge hall. It seems like all the OMI youth have come from Malaga and we are all in demarcated spots in the Sports hall Pablo. About 600 hundred of us sharing floor place. And the excitement is now tangible!







WYD Madrid – the going gets tough


With a lot of pilgrims suffering from FFS, that is Flat foot syndrome for those not in the know, as well as communal showers things are about to get interesting ;-).


Halala South Africa Halala!!! – WYD Madrid


What a celebration!!! We have just had our celebration of nations in Malaga with the OMI Youth. I really commend the OMI group for the programmes that centred around cultural celebrations. We had an incredible mass where 10 of us danced up the offertory during the international mass supported by our harmonious South African choir. We also had a cultural presentation where Waka-waka rocked the roof off! Tomorrow WYD Madrid here we come!

Liturgy of the word with the bishop of Malaga WYD Madrid


His grace Bishop Jesus of Malaga led us in a moving liturgy of the word.where a lot of the OMI youth participated to make it a cultural explosion of supplication to the Lord. Now if only we could figure out how to transfer pictures to a Galaxy tab then we could show you what we are up to.

WYD Madrid

La Playa! WYD Madrid


La playa = the beach and we were there today! Burning our feet in sub 40 degrees watching bodies fry in the Spanish sun and fascinating passersby whilst plaiting hair. Fun was had by all.

WYD Madrid









Finalemente!!! WYD Madrid here we come!


The time is 13:05. Felicity is waiting for us to jump onto her car so she can take us to the church for the last mass and for us to get on the bus to the airport. Thing is we still don’t have our passports with the visas in them. But we have faith. Even with that faith though, one cant stop y the niggle of apprehension in the pit of your stomach. What if we did not get the visas, or maybe they have not managed to collect the passports, and as we pull into the churchyard and Michele hands me mine a breath of relief escapes when I see SCHENGEN STATEN with my mug shot to the left. And before long we are off! Rushing to try and get last minute currency, checking in and boarding and over land and seas to have a long stopover in Paris (lots of sleeping) changing the airport to Orly for another flight to Malaga and voila! We are here. See easy peasy. LOL

WYD Madrid
























New Year Resolutions


new year  photoSo the way I figure it, one can take the whole month of January to sort out their new year resolutions. Here goes for now, my new year resolutions:

  1. Lose weight, ten kilo to be exact, and before then end of Feb so about a kilo a week, brutal! Especially if I get the cabin crew job, I have to be within my BMI, which I was about 9 months ago  when I had a vegetarian diet now that i live with “meatarians” I gained 12 kilo and I have to lose it fast. There is this diet which has on it day 3 liquid diet… now what is that supposed to mean? Am I to liquefy stuff then eat it or am I to eat stuff that is already liquid without the joys of added sugar and carbon dioxide which leaves me with water, fruit juice, milk and… ummm that’s it. Unless if I add milk products which leaves me with low fat yoghurt making a grand total of four things to consume on day 3. The things we do to ourselves.
  2. Pray more. I had gotten to the point where I prayed morning, noon and evening and I have somehow slacked again… and I promised myself to go to confession often, last time was in August. I need a support group, that’s why i am looking into Opus Dei, maybe they are for me, maybe not, we’ll see.
  3. Make a conscious effort to contact all my friends. Don’t I do that already? Yeah so continue maybe and not lose touch as I kinda did this year. My phone bill says otherwise, sigh
  4. Distance learning. Yep I have to do my masters whether I am working or not… actually I have to be working no two ways about that
  5. Get a job. Would love to cabin crew at the mo, but if that does not work out I have to actively job hunt… and who knows I might actually get a great job where I do not have to lose weight.
  6. Publish my books. Well i have to rewrite the manuscripts first don’t I… considering that I lost both of them… or maybe just forget those two and continue with nr 3 and get that one published… decisions, decisions…


First post… or is it?


Hi everyone and welcome to Saving Graces. I know I have done this before but I have lost all posts for previous blogs, so here is a new first blog; hopefully the last of the firsts. Just decided my voice needs to be represented on the net again so here goes.

I am at the moment waiting for Emirates to get hold of me. I applied to be cabin crew and the wait is killing me. I’m also researching Opus Dei because they sound interesting. Sense a little conflict there.. Opus Dei very Catholic; Emirates very Islamic; oh well we’ll see how it turns out….and it is way too late for me to be up anyway. I’d better go to bed before my guest father freaks out that I am still online. Guest father you ask? yep me be au-pair, me be in Germany, me after kids look. Na ja ich wurde mein Deutsch verbessern 😉