Saving Graces

new mercies each and every day

life is interesting… and happy!


So me being me, crazy me I attend two parishes. Why? Thing is when I started going to mass again I began attending at Holy Trinity, because it was right at the campus I work, therefore weekday mass was a possibility and it was easy to get to over the weekend. And I decided to get involved, when do I ever not? Started teaching catechism and singing in the schola, (which has its own clash stories but that’s another story) and joined the young adult family for Sunday fellowship.

Then Nya and I moved to Northriding, very close to the parish there, St. Johns. And one of our book club ladies goes there, she’s the one I borrowed three awesome books from Catholicism for dummies, Rome Sweet Home and Catholicism Answer book! So we visit ever so often and we joined the young adults’ group there for fellowship.

Thing is I’ve attended mass in both places, sometimes going twice on Sundays and this past Saturday a new priest was ordained at St. Johns, which was totally fabulous. I missed the ordination but hearing about it leaves me in awe. I went to St. Johns this Sunday as I had no singing or catechism obligation at Holy Trinity, and got even more involved. I joined one of the youth choirs. I think. And yesterday was a Young adults meeting at which there were others who had gone to the last Theology of the Body course that was held at the church. And I want to be a leader at the next one which is being held at St John’s. It was awesome meeting like-minded!

Next week we are planning to do outreach to the homeless, bring clothes, food and stuff to the streets in this bitter cold! The last time we could not go because mhamha mai Nya had just passed away. I’ve been asking God to help me do more and to bring me opportunities and this is a prayer He has answered! As He always does yay!

And today I am meeting someone at Opus Dei in my quest for a spiritual director! I am still to get feedback from the Jesuit society after the interview I had for a spiritual director but I keep waiting 😀

Basically, life is good, I’m happy… with me crazily choosing more things to do… he he he! Can’t wait!