Saving Graces

new mercies each and every day

Happy Mother’s Day MOM!!!


Happy Mothers Day momsy! And I also got mother’s day messages from my guides! LOL. And Fr. J gave the mothers in church wooden spoon. He says not for spanking mind you. They came with an inscription about mothers giving spoonfuls of love, joy, patience etc. Then he played this YouTube clip that was gorgeous. Love our liberal Padre. ht pic



Yaaay, my sister in law Eve is here! So we can get to know her and what can I say Doug cleans up his act real nice when she’s around… for that alone she’s a saint LOL. Welcome, Gambiza! doug n eve

Doogie is getting married!!!!!!


My lil’ brother Doogie is getting married! I know shock horror right! Haha, no I’m happy for him because he seems to have found a good catholic girl. That sounds so condescending… 😀 what more can we want?!?! It’s not the wedding or anything like that, it’s the traditional customary wedding, where the roora (lobola or bride price) is paid

And I’m missing it being down here with no permit hope to see her and get to know her proper like soon, till then there is Facebook!

It makes me realise that I’m happy I’m not gallivanting around the dating circles and affirms for me that marriage is a sacred covenant of which I hope to be a part of one day, but I’m not letting anyone get me worried on the when and to whom, coz the Lord’s timing is perfect! Also whoever I get married to has to have enough money to pay for over 20 cows for roora… so I’m giving him time to find the mula!