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Rome Sweet Home: Book review


I have finished reading Rome sweet home by the Hahns!!!! wow, actually I finished it on Tuesday but have only got to writing about it now. Now I have to read it again!

It was like having the remaining scales fall of mine eyes and seeing the glory of the Lord. Thing is I’ve always had problems with some Catholic ‘stuff’ for lack of a better word, but after I made the decision to be Catholic I endeavoured to study and understand them you know. And the Hahns put most of it real simple like… just like Catholicism for Dummies does, of which I’m on chapter 2!!! What can I say the Lord has blessed me with a mind and a love of reading so I am partaking, boy am I partaking!

One thing it did was introduce me to a lot of protestant language I’ve never really known, of late I’ve been seeing “crossing the Tiber” often as I have been reading a bit, no a lot of conversion stories.Why, I don’t know they just appeal to me. The book has highlighted the path that I’ve been on for a while now; to live my faith to the full, to partake of the sacraments and to know why we have some of the practices we have so as to actually practice them in the right spirit. I want everyone to read it, even if it does not make them convert it would sure clear up a lot of misunderstandings out there. It’s beautifully written and it brought to mind why someone would think we are part of an anti-Christ movement until one delves into the Word and gets the reasons for all we do outline in intricate and not so intricate detail.

Suffice it to say when I like a book I read it super fast.. case in point here. So I have to read it again now and learn from it, in other words, a book all should read!

On another note, I watched The Proposal on Sunday! Good movie! I haven’t watched one I enjoyed so much in a long time. Could have done without the stripper scene though or naked shower scene. The movie was good enough to be a hit without them but I guess, as they say, sex (unfortunately) sells. It was really funny and highlighted that love can grow anywhere, anytime. Had a good true to life ending 😀 what more can a girl want!

Trepidatious excitement – books


Trepidatious excitement. Oxymoron.

I’m choosing books this week for book club! Yippee yippee ya ya!

Thing is, as excited as I am, I am a bit concerned as to what books to get, hence the trepidation. The books will after all be mine in the end so it should be something I like, and should be something the book club has yet to read, which already narrows down the field considerably. It also has to be something that at least half of the book club would want to read methinks. And my weekends are so busy, finding a quaint bookstore is nearly impossible without wheels, so I shall hunt online. Now if only I had a credit card…

On my list for now is It’s Not about Me by Max Lucado

My recital – a poem


I have created my recital and my talk for Pentecost tomorrow yay! The recital is below… modge-podge from me and other various sources. Most of the bottom part is not mine and I have borrowed it from a poeI i saw online…

The dreariness of the morn draws nigh,
The dragging of day that brings sighs;
the hopelessness of a hungry cry

The barrenness of the mind,
Near deafening silence
And the emptiness within becomes so loud
The loneliness that crushes the heart

The screams of the murdered
The howls of the oppressed
The cries, oh the cries!
That say evil has been here

There is no light,
Total darkness abounds,
In this total darkness,
We fumble about uselessly,

There be no peace here,
There be no joy,
There be sadness,
There just be bleakness.
And despair!!!!!
Deathly despair

A beam of light shines
Into that darkness,
And from this total darkness
The beam is a beacon calling out,

Arise from the grave and aspire
Arise from the grave and aspire
Arise and aspire

Pursue the beam as it shines out,
Onwards as far as it goes
Back to the Source from whence it comes

I, the Lord, am the Source of light,
From whom light shines forth

There Beams of hope God freely gives,
Little treasures in life He fills.
Reaching out to the oppressed
Shinning beams of tenderness.
Giving hope to all in need,
precious gifts from God above,
His perfect love

There’s a Cathedral in all around me,
And it’s under an open sky,
Where creation sings God’s praises
To whoever passes by.
The stars display His Glory
For every eye to see,

While the wind tells of His Love,
As it goes from tree to tree.
No choir could match the beauty
Of this Eternal song,
While all Heaven waits expectantly,
Knowing Jesus won’t be long.

A sunrise
A sunset
A smile
A hug
A kiss
A heartfelt laugh

The twinkling of a love in the twinkling of an eye
And in the beauty of that moment
You might glimpse the Fathers Heart,
As His compassion flows from Heaven,
As I reach out and do my part.

So, take me to the Father,
To His Throne above,
And let me sit upon His knee,
And know His tender Love.

I say take me to The Father,
To His Throne above,
And let me sit upon His knee,
Yes on daddy’s knee

In His perfect love

Girl meets God – Book


I have been reading “Girl meets God” by Lauren Winner, it is so real to me it’s as if a part of me may have actually taken part in its writing. Here I was thinking how books that I like most are ones that I relate to, that I see myself somehow in the protagonist or that I want to see myself in, like a few years from now or how I’m trying to model myself and then a few pages later Lauren writes about how the students she liked were usually ones she saw herself in a few years back, ones who when they read a new work or concept they have never come across they find themselves suddenly hunting down material to get to know more about it, immerse themselves in this subject matter till their amateur gurus… the exact way I do… and my current topic? Judaism, because they are way too many references in her book that I do not get so I feel as if, if I am getting so much from this book at this exact moment when all these Jewish refs are over my head how much more would I get if I could understand all her references to seder, tzniut, niggunim, halacha etc. “Girl meets God” is definitely one I should get for my library. The library I’ll have one day when I can actually afford to buy books, at the moment I am ever grateful for book club (from which I took 15 books this month) and public libraries.

Hadassah : One Night With the King – Book


Author: Tommy Tenney ISBN-10: 0764229435 Genre: Christian Fiction

The memorable story of Esther in the Bible is now retold through the eyes of Esther. As Hadassah Kesselman prepares for her wedding day, she finds the experience steeped in mystery. Hadassah Kesselman is required to read the story of Esther before her wedding day and soon learns of Esther’s horrifying childhood experiences and mysterious awakenings into womanhood. The scent of myrrh lingers on the pages as an exciting drama unfolds in moments of sexual tension, suspense and intrigue.

Esther’s story is truly brought to life in this retelling filled with political conspiracies, wars, longings of the heart and brutal action. In her search for G-d, she also finds her place in the world and begins to understand her true destiny. Must she sacrifice herself to the King of Persia and fall prey to Haman’s evil intentions?

Loved it totally blown away!!! Definitely a must read. Thanks for the heads up Dass!

Phoebe Deane – Book


Author: Grace Livingstone Hill
ISBN-10: 0891900446
Genre: Christian Fiction

Day after day Phoebe is subjected to living as a servant in her brother’s home, picked on by her hateful sister-in-law, and forced to endure matchmaking schemes influenced by greed. Marriage to an ill-tempered man with several misbehaving children seems to be her lot, and her hope is about to be snuffed out. Could a chance encounter in the woods change the direction of her life and finally introduce her to someone who could care about her?

It was mighty sweet, very Cinderella style, Nya loved it and so did I 😀

White Chocolate Moments


Author: Lori Wick ISBN: 978-0-7369-1780-3 Genre: Christian Fiction

 After losing her parents, Arcineh Bryant lives with her grandfather as a girl. But growing up without her family causes her to hold resentment toward the man who took her in. Years later, when she meets a man she thinks she may love, she doubts whether she can trust her own heart. A character–rich journey leads Arcineh back to her grandfather’s home where there are surprises, questions, and for the first time in her life, an answer to “who will love me forever?” This compelling story about a woman’s hunger for acceptance and wholeness points the reader home to God’s love.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book… doesn’t hurt wither that i love white chocolate… and totally understood the concept… just like walnut shell days! Also made me realise quite a bit…

Redeeming Love – Book


Author: Francine Rivers
ISBN-10: 1601420617
Genre: Christian Fiction

In this splendid retelling of the biblical story of Hosea, bestselling author Francine Rivers pens a heartbreaking romance between a prostitute and the upright and kind farmer who marries her; the story also functions as a reminder of God’s unconditional love for his people. Redeeming Love opens with the Gold Rush of 1850 and its rough-and-tumble atmosphere of greed and desire. Angel, who was sold into prostitution as a child, has learned to distrust all men, who see her only as a way to satisfy their lust. When the virtuous and spiritual-minded Michael Hosea is told by God to marry this “soiled dove,” he obeys, despite his misgivings. As Angel learns to love him, she begins to hope again but is soon overwhelmed by fear and returns to her old life. Rivers shines in her ability to weave together spiritual themes and sexual tension in a well-told story, a talent that has propelled her into the spotlight as one of the most popular novelists in the genre of Christian fiction. This is one of her best.

One of my favourites!!!

Monster – Book


Author: Frank Peretti ISBN Christian Fiction

Miles away from the hectic city, Reed and Rebecca hike into the beautiful Northwestern woods. They’re surrounded by gorgeous mountains, waterfalls, and hundreds of acres of unspoiled wilderness. But something-or someone-begins closing in on them. Something no human has ever seen. And it’s killing everyone in its path without remorse.

I loved this one! It was totally grand! And restored my love of unsolved mysteries and the knowledge that I should never limit God 😀

The Last Disciple


Book 1 of the The Last Disciple Series… (i know… i read #2 first)
Author: Hank Hanegraaff and Sigmund Brouwer
Christian Fiction

Great read 🙂