Saving Graces

new mercies each and every day

About the harp


So did I tell you I broke my harp… well, it was wobbly on its little plastic platform since the one leg was broken… but I had had no issues with it being there… until mid-December. The wind, gale force in nature, through an open window, blew it over! The horror! The shock!

I actually managed to ignore it until this week because lessons were supposed to resume and my teacher, bless her soul, has found someone to fix it and given me one to continue practice with. Did I mention it is a rented harp? I’m lucky it’s a clean break on the join between the neck and the shoulder. The glue and wooden fixes came off and the neck itself is not broken 😀 the darker on is the one I have now from my teacher and the paler one the one going to Pretoria today to be fixed. And Steph has begun messing around on it…

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Advent is here


So besides learning carols and Advent hymns like Veni Emmanuel and Adeste Fidelis, I finally completed the advent wreath yesterday! JPII said “Advent is a period of intense training that directs us decisively to the One who has already come, who will come, and who continuously comes. ” And I say Amen and it’s been so good thus far. We light our candles and read a bit and do reflections and pray together. What can I say?… I love it!!!!!! 😀

We went to Jo’burg Gen for the kiddies party! Wow, indeed Veni Veni Emmanuel! Am chanting today with the schola in a concert hope it goes well. Been practising Iustus Ut Palma because he threw a hissy during practice on Sunday 😀

Pics below of my advent wreath and some of the kid’s party 😀 The middle candle is for our numerous intentions 😀

Silent Monks singing!!!


Oh Golly Gosh… I’ve been too lazy to blog but this just had to be posted! It’s so good. Where there is a will! If silent monks ever wanted to sing along 🙂

Angelic music


I finally had my harp lesson last week on Thursday! It went well if I should say so myself! And Nya said the harp is an angelic instrument so she may be keen to learn :).  ‘Du came to visit on Saturday I hadn’t seen her in like forever and she loved the harp too!!! Now my fingers need to heal so I can practice more 😀

Music is Food for my Soul


I’m singing in the St. Johns youth band besides Holy Trinity Schola and I got my harp! YAY for me!!! All the music is so different, from practically contemporary Christian rock to Gregorian chant to classical. Good times. I really should have become a musician. then I wouldn’t be weird just an eccentric artist. Actually the eccentric would not even get mentioned, I’d just be an artiste!

I have heard enough coconut and Anglophile comments to last me a lifetime. The harp lessons may just prove a tad expensive. So we have a concert, battle of the bands thing happening this coming Saturday. Practice last Saturday only reiterated what I already know, I’m a perfectionist and a performer… sigh. Well I’m laying low and will see what happens on Saturday, reigning me in so I don’t step on toes is a full time job!