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I want a Joseph


I was just reading posts on Facebook and I came across one that was interesting. As single young catholics, we are encouraged to discern our vocation, our purpose in life and God’s will. YAY… if only it was as easy as writing this post. I tell you now it is not. Anyway I am leaning towards my vocation being married life and all. There was a time I was scared it was religious life. Scared you ask? Thing is it was scary thinking about the commitment required, the sacrifice, the obstacles. But after some Theology of the Body I am actually OK with it. I have actually explored it and now I am at peace in that today I feel God’s call to me to be a wife and mother, if tomorrow that call changes I will be happy with it and say servium for it will be God’s will. I live to serve Him as best as I can in my current space and all to His greater glory.

What does that have to do with me wanting a Joseph?  To get the right man whom I may marry and fulfil the vocation of marriage with, I have to know to recognise said right man, and what the ‘right man ‘ is. I don’t believe that there is only ONE right man out there for me and that only by cosmic fate will we meet and have a grand life and 12 babies. I give God more credit than that. God knows the right man for me at any particular time and according to His will we will meet and marry, so any man ordained so by God will be right for me. So I ask “God, tell me of this man so when he finds me I will recognize him” and today I got an answer. A Joseph. No, I don’t mean I have had a vision of him or anything, his name will not necessarily be Joseph, although it is a strong and dependable name. I digress. But he will be a man with the characteristics of Joseph the husband of Mary.

By all rights, Mary should have been stoned to death. Honestly, a girl pregnant out of wedlock in those times was beyond the height of shame, hey these guys threw out their blind and lame for to them disability was an affliction of the highest order from God because of grave sin. Pregnancy out of wedlock meant adultery, adultery meant death. But did Joseph get her stoned? No he was agonizing on how to divorce Mary quietly so that she would be spared death. That is either a man in love or a ‘just’ man. How would getting her killed better the world?

I see him as a man who was in despair wondering what to do and then the angel came to him.  Oh boy must he have been relieved! But what strikes me more is he ran to obey the will of God. Mary was pregnant before he had gone to take her as his bride. Betrothal was a binding marriage contract only broken by divorce. It was an unconsummated marriage if you will. So people probably speculated and frowned upon them for ‘having gotten pregnant’ before the final marriage bit, but he did not care. He obeyed God. He sought to protect Mary before she was fully his, he sought to protect her.

He offered her kindness and love and cared for her and the baby, he was her defender. Even when they were to flee to Egypt after Jesus birth, he did so leaving country, family and friends. He sacrificed all. And later on to Nazareth as well.  A man who listened to God to defend and protect his family. A most chaste spouse. One who reared Jesus in a holy family. Who taught his son the trade of being a carpenter, one who was worthy to be called father by Jesus.  A just man. A man who took his family to worship and followed the law. A man of faith, obedient to whatever God asked of him without knowing the outcome, a very godly man who had a great belief and trust in God.

Ahhh the stuff of romance novels is our Joseph 😀

So yeah I want a Joseph, with a dash of Joshua, Jacob, Caleb thrown in for good measure. A mighty man of God. A just man.

Now I’m off to go try and be a Mary so Joseph can find me!