Saving Graces

new mercies each and every day



So I am planning Guide camp for August… horror of horrors what with the economic situation here I have had to charge the girls Z$1,500,000.00 each and I don’t even know if that will be enough. The prices were slashed recently but I can’t find any meat anywhere so I may have to go the black market route which will cost me an arm and a leg, Lord please help me. I also have to do my campers license test again so I’m working real hard on that, as well as my skills levels one to four and I may be nominated for the world board so I have a CV to fashion too, and I want to finish my Protea award even though I am not in South Africa at the moment sondern Zimbabwe… ain’t life grand.

it’s hot….

harare photo

Photo by damien_farrell

The temperatures in Harare are scorching, I was sweating like a pig by 7:30am this morning… that’s the African sun for you. Was reading on about how China has pledged to double its aid to Africa and provide $5bn in loans and credits over the next three years. I don’t know whether to rejoice or cry at that coz we need the aid, but at what expense, there is nothing for mahala. So is it only business on the Chinese side or just more debt for the African continent. I just hope that it is sustainable investment, aimed at helping the working man so as to decrease the astronomical inflation that Zim is facing. I mean at this rate we will be facing inflation of 2000% by the new year. Guess the weather is not all that is hot.

Photo by damien_farrell