Hi I’m Tsitsi, or Diana… or Gracia… the name I use depends on where we meet, what can I say I love all my names so I use them. On this blog, pick the one you like, I’ll respond 🙂

Welcome to Saving Graces a place to get to know God, to know of His grace and mercy, and on the journey figure out how to live a life of purpose and joy.

This video-cast can be watched on the Saving Graces YouTube Channel. Quarantine musings  – Faith, Life, Sacraments How has life been affected by the lockdowns? Here I just chat through what it has been like for me, and the hopes for the time to come 🙂 What insights has quarantine-ing revealed about your life? How

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Contemplative Prayer Guide

Add depth to your prayer life

Finding yourself with more quiet or since than ever before? Or are you struggling to hear Him in the silence? Try contemplative prayer, also known as centering prayer, to enrich your communion with the Lord. 

We were not born to be mediocre, to let life pass us by. No we have a unique purpose, each one of us that when we embrace we change and those around us change with us.
"Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire."

Blossom into a New You!
Live a life that is True, Good and Beautiful.
A transcendental life.
With the aid of God's Saving Graces.