still jan…

devout photoI went to basketball today. The ladies 4th is doomed, no other words fit, doomed. Then i went to an Einkehrabend at Heristal (Opus Dei) It was cool. The priest talked about following our stars and of the search of hearts; searching for love and happiness and how that brings us together and unites us and how we can achieve that by accepting the Lord and leading holy lives. We then had benediction and an examination of conscience and lets say ‘me’ is sadly lacking, I have been measured and found wanting. So I have decided (again) to try and do better…. we then had a talk from Frau Casanova (I have already forgotten her first name) She talked on holiness, what the pope’s message was, what St Josemaria message was, JP2 and whole lot of other references she had, and it was enlightening. So I am adding to my new years resolutions.

7. Become holier. How? by doing my best doing my duty to God serving other people and keeping the law.OK spouting the guide law here but that is the essence when we think of it. When I do my work real good and offer it as a prayer to God, then I am doing my best and doing my duty to Him, in this I serve other people and in whatever I do I try to keep the laws of God as well as the laws of men. Once a guide always a guide.

Today went well, better than in a long while. Smiles all around and all that. Coincidence you say. Bah say I. It is God showing himself to man.

8. Make God priority Numero Uno. as Frau C pointed out there are 1440 minutes in the day. How many do I give God…well it’s actually embarrassing that on some days practically none. and I like to call myself fromm, crayont… yeah right… so we are trying to increase that by some exponential factor. I hope that works. And they invited me to lunch on Sunday… yippee!!



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