I was reading my bible last night…

… and the devotional passage that came with the reading I found very profound… it’s from my bible and is written by Hannah Whittal Smith

God is Enough

The greatest lesson a soul has to learn is that God, and God alone, is enough for all its needs. This is the lesson that all God’s dealings with us are meant to teach, and this is the crowning discovery of our entire Christian life: GOD IS ENOUGH!

No soul can really be at rest until it has given up dependance on everything else and has been forced to depend on the Lord alone. As long as our expectation is from other things, nothing but disappointment awaits us. Feelings may change, doctrines and dogmas may bee upset, the christian work may come to naught, prayers may seem to lose their fervency, promises may seem to fail, everything that we have believed in or depended on may seem to fail, everything that we have believed in or depended on may seem to be swept away, and only God is left Рjust  God, the bare God if I may be allowed the expression, simply and only God.

If God is what he would seem to be from his revelings; if he is indeed the “God of all comfort” (2 Corinthians 1:3); if he is our shepherd; if he is really and truly our Father; if, in short, all the many aspects he has told us of his character and his ways are actually true, then we must come to the positive conviction that he is, in himself enough for all our needs and that we may safely rest in him absolutely and forever


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