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TOB Tuesday: Into the heart Part 2


This ToB Tuesday we are focusing on info from Into the Heart Part 2. Again these are my random notes that I took, of points to remember and ponder.

Christopher West expanded on the Nuptial union, which shows a call to deep intimacy with God: a union that is spousal, St. Theresa says we are all called to this deep union. The human body whispers to us the innermost secrets of God. The bookends of the Bible using the analogy of marriage unlocks the meaning of life. Marriage and eternal life, that God wants to fill us with life.

The union of man and woman in marriage is the foundation of the entire sacramental order. Of who Christ is and of who the church is.

Love involves the gift of self. Spousal love is that of total self-giving, and in human experience that is shown in marriage. And this is the mystery of the Trinity, the life-giving union of man and woman gives a minuscule glimpse into the life-giving union of God. It is the Primordial sacrament.

“May all be one like I and the father are on”. God made them man and woman and called the two to become one, the fundamental unit of life. Humans are the only ones created for their own sake. Never meant to be used, to be used is to violate the dignity of the person. Spiritual or mystical marriage is the ritual surrendering of one to another, as God surrenders to us and we are supposed to Him, analogous to consummating a marriage. Spiritual mysticism/growth tends towards ever more intimate union with Christ, and this union is called mystical as it participates in the mystery of Christ.

3 stages of the journey on which we are all on. Purgative, illuminative and unitive are all aspects of the way for we never leave any of the stages behind.

Purgative: a firm resolve of will to follow God, despite the fact that we feel a rebellion to it, purged and cleansed of our disordered desires. Continent but not yet virtuous. Continence is the ability to contain the disordered desires. Virtue makes it easy to get to self-mastery. Observance of the commandments is purgative and leads to the illuminative way. God illuminates our lives, we begin to seem more like Him, we move from continence to virtue. Values are lights which illuminate existence. We become ever more aware of the gratuitous beauty of the body. We begin to feel less and less burdened by the struggle against sin, we come to move with ever greater freedom.
The unitive stage is a move from betrothal to consummation. The fullest expression of union with God. It involves a total transformation into Christ. Think of a log on fire, there is no difference between the fire and the embers, so there will be no difference between Christ and the person. There are two nature’s in one Spirit and love. Creation then takes on its true glory.

Caterina Zino, our lives have to be Christo centric.

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