Saving Graces

new mercies each and every day

About me

Hi there!

I’m Diana, a traditional minded Catholic woman, a crunchy naturalista, a harpist, a fencer, a lover of life ad finitam.

I started this blog way back in 2006 and have written to it on and off. Whether it will ever get regular God alone knows. It started off as a bunch of musings, a place to put random thoughts that I wanted to keep and to reflect on life per se. Then it became a place to communicate God’s Love and put a bit of my TOB ponderings on and try figure out my purpose in life. This blog reflects my life as I live out my current and hoped for vocation, that is working towards being a holy spouse and mother one day, and loving the gift of singleness… well most times 🙂  my mother is waiting too!

I come from a humongous family and have family all over the world. I like to call it an ecumenical family, because we have a whole bunch of denominations in it, making it an interesting education.

I’m currently living in South Africa with my focus being on TOB, psychology, music, choir, church, friends, Girl Guides, fencing, natural hair, family, food and travel and a bit of work thrown in. Yeah I’m too busy. You will find a bit of all of that here, get to me know me a little and hopefully get to know the Lord a little too.

The name of the blog is inspired by two things, Patricia Gaffneys book, The Saving Graces and the Lord’s Grace with a capital G, that is ever present; friends, love, mercy and grace 🙂