Let’s Talk Saving Graces…

Saving Graces started way back in 2006 and I have updated the blog on and off. Whether it will ever get regular updates, God alone knows. It started off as a bunch of musings, a place to put random thoughts that I wanted to keep and to reflect on life. Then it became a place to communicate God’s Love and document my TOB ponderings. Then a place to try figure out my purpose in life. Then a place for online ministry, for the new evangelisation… and everything in between.

My current focus for Saving Graces is for it to be a testimonial online ministry showing the lives of ‘normal’ single catholic women, their reflections and mine. I also hope to provide tools, skills and prayers to help us live the best lives we can, not live mediocre lives – and yet be real and in the present… such a small ask. 🙂

We are called to be saints and be holy, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out how. I hope this site can motivate you and inspire you somehow to figure out your own unique path to holiness. Your own set of Saving Graces that God has laid out each day as mini presents, lights, mercies and sparks to guide you.

This blog reflects my life as I live out my current and hoped for vocation, that is working towards being a holy spouse and mother one day, and loving the gift of singleness… well most times (after all my mother is waiting too and I don’t like to disappoint her too much).

I come from a humongous family and have family all over the world. I like to call it an ecumenical family, because we have a whole bunch of denominations in it, making it an interesting life education.You will find a bit of all of that here.

I’m a scanner, a renaissance soul, a multipotentialite so the topics are varied. Get to me know me a little and hopefully get to know the Lord a lot more too during the journey. Come along for the ride and as I find my saving graces, let me a guide to you to find yours.