Hi everyone and welcome to Saving Graces. I know I have done this before but I have lost all posts for previous blogs, so here is a new first blog; hopefully the last of the firsts. Just decided my voice needs to be represented on the net again so here goes.

I am at the moment waiting for Emirates to get hold of me. I applied to be cabin crew and the wait is killing me. I’m also researching Opus Dei because they sound interesting. Sense a little conflict there.. Opus Dei very Catholic; Emirates very Islamic; oh well we’ll see how it turns out….and it is way too late for me to be up anyway. I’d better go to bed before my guest father freaks out that I am still online. Guest father you ask? yep me be au-pair, me be in Germany, me after kids look. Na ja ich wurde mein Deutsch verbessern 😉



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