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TOB in South Africa

So I belong to the Foundation of the Person and the Family, which is a body that oversees the work that we do on Theology of the Body in Southern Africa, mainly South Africa.

In 2009 a bunch of us began to meet every Monday to have TOB and faith discussion sessions, aided with DVD’s, books whatever material we come across. After a good 3 years of formation and thus we began to go around holding seminars, talks, conferences, retreats and weekly courses in a bunch of parishes in and around Gauteng with the occasional foray far and wide like Kwazulu Natal and even Zimbabwe.

We have been blessed to host Jason Evert, Damon Owens and Christopher West, all inspiring TOB speakers and popularisers. The Theology of the Body South Africa group has grown and we continue to see a need of spreading tis amazing teaching.

The Lord is doing marvellous work indeed and we give our fiat to His plans 🙂

Visit our website and Facebook page, follow us on Twitter or Instagram and see what we are up to, know when we have courses or retreats or find out how you may assist the foundation in this amazing apostolate.


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